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Anshu Pal is an Indian Author who is passionate about writing poems. She started writing at a very early age of thirteen about Nature and Life. Her favorite genre is love and relationship.
She compiled her poetry and started her journey as an Author with her English poetry book 'My Experiments with Love" in November 2017, which is the love story of a girl called Angel.


“इब ना चढ़े कोई रंग मो पे
इश्क़ का रंग नू चढ़ गयो
मोसे अब थारी ख़स्बू आवे
इश्क़ सौ भंग नू बढ़ गयो”


She also compiled her Hindi Poetry as “Mayur” in December 2018, which the love story of a couple Mayari and Rudra.
She has a strong belief that the world can be conquered only with Love. She considers Love as her Religion and wants to Spread Love everywhere. She writes in English and Hindi Languages.

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