Let Love Prevail On Earth

I realize that the world need more Love. Now a days most of the people have become materialistic which means people started loving things and using people.

However I strongly believe that Hearts can be conquered with Love. I consider Love as my Religion and wish to spread ‘Love and Happiness’ and my vision is ‘Let Love Prevail on Earth”.

This book will take you through beautiful Love poems and might also guide love birds with some words.

It also have different poems specially written for the Valentine Week.

Let us Spread Love

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‘मयूर’ प्रेम रस की कविताओं का संकलन है। इस किताब में मायरी की खूबसूरती और मायरी-रूद्र की मोहब्बत का ज़िक्र है ।
‘मयूर’ शब्द मायरी और रुद्र का मेल है। मयूर का अर्थ है ‘मोर’ जो ' खूबसूरती ' और ‘पाक मोहब्बत’ का प्रतीक है; क्योंकि मयूर एक ऐसा पक्षी है जो हमेशा ब्रह्मचारी रहता है । उसके आंसुओं से ही मोरनी हामिला होती है । भगवान कृष्ण ने भी इसी कारण से अपने माथे पर मयूरपंख धारण किया.
चलिए साखी बनते हैं मायरी और रूद्र की दास्ताँ-ऐ-मोहब्बत के ।

'Mayur' is compilation of poems of Love Relationship. This book mentions the beauty of Mayari and the Love story of Mayari-Rudra.
The word 'Mayur' is a combination of Mayari and Rudra. Mayur means 'Peacock' which is a symbol of 'Beauty' and 'Pure Love' as Peahen is pregnant with the tears of Peacock. Lord Krishna also carried a Peacock feather on his forehead for this reason. Let's witness the beautiful Love story of Mayari and Rudra.

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My Experiments With Love

The book is about the life of a beautiful girl known as Angel.  She has always been waiting to find the love of her life.
Surprisingly, she found her love and felt like on the top of the world. But as life is unpredictable she lost her love and still wish, waits, hope and pray to have him back in her life again….

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Since 1993

आज़ाद पंछी हूँ मैं

यूँ पंख मेरे क़ैद करो

ज़ंजीरें खोल दो मेरी

क्यूँकि हौसले की उड़ान

अभी बाक़ी है !!

-Anshu Pal

Spread Love Everywhere,
Every city, town, street
It is an eternal feeling
Not at all a topic of discreet

- Anshu Pal


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